Repeal the Indian Act - Douglas Cardinal at the Walrus Talks

On March 16, 2017 Douglas Cardinal gave the opening presentation for the Walrus Talks even in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The question posed to the panelists was, "What is the one thing that Canadians can do today to make a better country?" Douglas's answer was to repeal the Indian Act that has brought a legacy of apartheid and genocide on First Nations.

A look at the Masonry of Gordon Oaks Redbear Student Center

In November, 2016, SMART | dynamics of masonry published several articles celebrating the innovative masonry work on the Gordon Oaks Redbear Student Center at the University of Saskatchewan.

Symbolic Systemic Statement in Stone

Luc Durette, the lead mason on the student center, says that the building, that consists of 250 tons of natural Manitoba Tyndall stone, 1350 pieces of Brazilian Lilas granite accents and 11,000 sf of white precast, was an opportunity to "push the limits of masonry construction."

"Just when I had done everything possible, I had the opportunity to step up to this challenge, working on a Douglas Cardinal masterpiece."


Tribute to Indigenous Cultures: Stories Express in Stone

Douglas Cardinal and Paul Blaser, the projects' architects, describe the way buildings express stories about who we are and who we hope to be, and reflect on the student center as an expression of indigenous culture through stone.

"It is designed as a lodge, expressive of the spiritual buildings for indigenous cultures. Varied limestone coursings wrap to protect the north, opening to the south consistent with traditional lodges of the area. The opening to the south is protected by a massive cantilevered canopy, further enhanced by the suspended limestone above it."



Ceremony, Time Lapse and Award!

Check out this video the University of Saskatchewan created for the opening of the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre. They also released an incredible time-lapse video of the entire construction process. Click here to watch it.

We  received a High Performance Design Award from Smart Dynamics of Masonry. You can see the full article here.

Winneway Site Visit

The staff visited Long Point School in Winneway, QC recently. Click here for more images!

The World's 10 Most Beautiful Buildings

Huffington Post recently named the Museum of History as one of the ten most beautiful buildings in the world!

What an honour to have made this list. Check out the link by clicking here!

Beautiful Lines - Museum of Civilzation.jpg