Alberta Government Services Building

Client: Government of Alberta

Location: Ponoka, Alberta

Area: 82,150 sq.ft.

Cost: 12 million

Completed: 1976

When the government of Alberta with Premier Peter Louheed decided in a politics of decentralizing government services, a major building was sought at Ponoka. Public Works of Alberta and the Alberta Opportunity Company contacted Douglas Cardinal to design an innovative building that would inspire and became iconic as the vision for Alberta business opportunities.

Mr. Cardinal created a curvilinear design to dispel the rigidity associated with Government. The vision was to provide a building that would accommodate both Government and community use space. The flowing and open public spaces were to give an atmosphere of better promoting client services, with heart and vitality. The four storey building includes an enclosed atrium with year-round landscaping that help bridge the gap between the harsh Alberta and the need for green spaces.

The building enclosed Alberta Opportunity Company, and a Court House with Attorney General Chambers and Treasury branch. The Alberta Government Services Building in Ponoka had a grand opening by Premier Peter Louheed himself in 1976 and since it has became an architectural landmark for the community of Ponoka and the surrounding areas. The building is so efficient and beautiful that it received the Achievement Award for Excellence from the Province of Alberta.