Fortitude Recreation Facility

Type: Sports Complex

Client: Black Sheep Developments Inc.

Location: Orléans, Ottawa

Area: Approx. 65,000 sq.ft

Cost: +20 M

To Be Completed: 2019

When architecture is created with respect for the people and the environment, it can then raise the spirits of all who are involved and all or enter its spaces. The space is designed to ease the busy family schedule and focus on the health of each family member. The aim for this project is to create a warm welcoming space where people are not only excited to enter, but feel like they can perform at their best.

The intent behind the forms of Fortitude is to reach to the sky and be a celebration of life, vitality and strength, while taking form inspiration from the curves of the human body. The building features in the center a crest or tower. It is a celebratory sweep up, soaring up to the sky like a gymnast, dancer or athlete and standing proudly. Surrounding the crest is a series of multi-tier roofs that step down to the street, and wrap around at the corners inviting guests to enter.

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