First Nations University

Client: First Nations University of Canada

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Area: 13,000 sq. m.

Cost: 27 million

Completed: Spring 2003

Saskatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC) was established in 1976 through a federated partnership with the University of Regina. In 1994, seeking a strong identity and more independence from the University of Regina, Eber Hampton, then president of SIFC and the chiefs of Saskatchewan, called in Douglas Cardinal Architect to help develop a strong vision for the future First Nations University.

Douglas Cardinal led the Vision Session to help develop an overall master plan for the university that included developing programming, phasing for future design and construction, as well as creating a conceptual design for the overall university. The college’s unique program and design incorporated the wisdom of the Elders to lead the education as part of the Faculty.

On June 21st, National Aboriginal Day, of 2003, the First Nation’s University was officially opened with great fanfare by his Royal HIghness Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex. Today, the First Nation’s University, stands as an organic entity that represents far more than a facility for their respective programs. The strong symbols conceived and designed in the building give specifically a voice and recognizable symbol to the First Nations University, as well as all Indigenous peoples of Saskatchewan and those who enroll to be thus educated.