Goodyear Adelante Healthcare Center

Type: Healthcare Center

Client: Axis Developments Inc.

Partner Architects: Cawley Architects

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Area: Approx. 45,000 sq.ft

To Be Completed: 2018

The conceptual form of the building is an organic expression of the desert environment of Arizona. It not only represents the curves of the land, mountains and rocks, but also the living forms of the land such as the snakes, lizards and other desert creatures. The flow of the forms also represents the flow of water, water is an all female spirit.

The building sculpture ties the people who see the building and enter the building with the environment of the building and the land. The organic form allows people to connect with the beauty of nature, this is important because it is more healthy to be in harmony with yourself and in harmony with nature, nature is healing. People who connect with the beauty of nature and who live in harmony with the earth can heal mentally, physically and spiritually.

*Photography credits to the Adelante Healthcare