Kamloops Band Land Use Plan

Client: Kamloops Indian Band

Area: 40,000 Acres

Completed: December 2005

The Kamloops Indian Band (KIB) approached our firm to provide a comprehensive Land Use Plan for their reserve across the river from the City of Kamloops. There are approximately 40,000 acres of prime real estate land in a very beautiful valley that has been nurtured and preserved by the Shuswap people.

Many special considerations guided the planning of the reserve. The planning process began by identifying the arms of existing cultural, historical and spiritual significance, the natural watershed and the grounds Indigenous to animals and plant life. Our firm and the Band recognize the unique and priceless gifts that the reserve has to offer, and that making best use and respecting these resources is of utmost importance- From these considerations a framework for a whole series of detailed tasks was born. The tasks in the: working up the details of proposals for specific sites for Certificate of Possession landholders, implementing projects such as a cultural and educational blocks, commercial developments, phoning for current and future infrastructure needs, and development of parks and recreational areas. The development of these details will take the involvement and agreement of a range of individuals and interest groups The Land Use Plan provides guidance for these tasks within a framework that sets out the land uses and opportunities.