Client: Yellowquill First Nation

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Area: 570 Acres

Cathedral Bluffs Country Estates has a ravine running through the centre of the development and a 70 foot high river bank along the eastern side of the project. This overwhelming natural setting is projected to become the home of 400 city-size lots. Each lot at Cathedral Bluffs Country Estates is projected to be in an inverted cul-de-sac - access to each property is on the outside of the cul-de-sac. This unique design allows all homes to front onto a semi-private park Many lots will have the breathtaking view of the river through their back windows and a magnificent view of a park through their front windows. This artistic concept will attract those who enjoy the natural setting of the river, ravine and park areas provided by Cathedral Bluffs Country Estates.

The focal point of the development is a natural ravine which runs southwest to northeast through the centre of the Cathedral Bluffs Country Estates In-between the river and the ravine lay approximately 300 lots with 75 lots projected to be river front. To the west of the ravine, approximately 100 lots are projected Many of these lots will have views of the ravine. The ravine is projected to be an area in which families can spend time enjoying nature and building relationships with each other Families will be able to enjoy walking trails, hiking trails and bike paths that traverse in this natural setting.