Iskotew Tunney's Pasture Healing Centre

Client: Fire Within Healing

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Area: 12, 300 sq feet

Cost: 1-6 million

Completed: 2002

An architectural jewel shines in the basement of the Brooke Claxton Building. The name of the lodge is Iskotew, which is the Cree translation for “fire within”- This healing and wellness lodge provides an opportunity for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal employees of Health Canada, and other government departments, to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of traditional Aboriginal cultures and practices. All employees are welcome to make appointments with visiting Elders for individual sessions and spiritual guidance. The lodge also hosts various workshops. The interior of the lodge is a contemporary conceptualization of the traditional longhouse and healing environment The design uses natural materials such as cedar, oak, cork raw deer hide and copper The peaceful sounds of the water fountains give a sense of spirit, and the use of warm colours and elements found in nature give the lodge a feeling of harmony and serenity.